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NEW: ONLINE COURSE                                                                 Self-management in ongoing crises

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NEW: Online-course Selfmanagement in times of crises
Rediscover and rejuvenate your own potential by facing fear, shadows and uncertainty and create your new life
Online course Selfmanagement in times o
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A client´s testimonial:   

  • I reached out for self trust and self-confidence "
  • I am now very creative and feel my fullest potential 
  • I work very intensiv, but there is no distress anymore 
  • The pain in my joints disappeared 
  • I have got two project approvals , that are very challenging  

Do you know how to listen to the voice of your heart?

  • to be in Balance?
  • to be clear and mindful in Thinking?
  • to be practical and sustainable in Doing?
  • to be sense oriented and confident in Being?
  • to be self-conscious in the Now?
  • to empower one`s own Life?
  • to celebrate one`s own Vision? 

Have you ever thought about the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, emotions and your actions? What kind of experiences did you repeat again and again in your biography throughout your life time and which new avenues did open up afterwords for you?  


A client´s testimonial:


 "To experience your Being, Werner, is so exceptional.... things that seemed to be impossible, happened, my reality changed dramatically positive. I can now let things flow without judging and comparing and separation. There is now a "Yes" for being a woman, there is now a "YES" for for my Life, for my Being. "


What influence exerted your parents, sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues, superiors, authorities on you? For what future tasks have you been prepared by these persons in your life? What is the real purpose of your fears, e.g. the fear not to be loved, the fear to get overflowed with love, the fear to be left alone or to be rejected by others?  


For what purpose are the following belief structures useful:  I have to be perfect, I have to devote myself to others, I have to please everybody, I am never fast enough, Men are not allowed to show weakness and tears,  I will never be able to manage that,  I am ugly, I am worthless, I am cold and heartless, I am useless? 


A client´s testimonial:


...."I started watching myself from the outside of my body. A started making reviews of my day in the evening. I realized that I became more conscious to myself, to my collogues, to my friends, to my wife and children. And above all I could hold this stillness...." 


What happens inside yourself when you make the above mentioned belief forms to your own reality? How do these thought forms influence your well being and your health? How much space do you give this way of thinking? What influence have your emotions, that go along with that thinking?


How much energy do you have to generate, to avoid unpleasant events in your life? How often do you do something against your own will? Do you take the full responsibilty for your actions? Are you willing, to create your own reality?


If you resonate with these question, please feel free to come, I am looking forward supporting you to get into your real strength. 

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