Together it works

Antje Stephan writes:

I met Werner Streicher the first time as a participant in my Eponaquest seminar: "Times of transition" Although being a business professional he was very open and present towards  horse related experiences. He took advantage out of his Kairos moments (doing things at the right time with the right intention). He was open to share his perceptions with the group. These qualities move groups forward. I know Werner as a person who opens up for visible and invisible, hidden relationships. He is really self paced and open for the analysis of the bottom cause. His new professional field is of great interest to me:
Kind regards.
Antje Stephan

Werner Streicher writes: 
I met Antje Stephan for the first time at an Eponaquest seminar "Times of Transition". Many years before I had been thrown from a horse and could not get rid of the trauma and the fear of horses. In the seminar I succeeded in overcoming that fear. I could feel the pleasant connection with horses on the physical, mental and emotional level. In the seminar I also worked on the  major topic: distance and closeness. I started to trust the voice of my heart. I appreciate Antjes work on consciousness issues. She is of importance to me since she considers the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental intelligences in men. She encourages people to realize their life dream accompanied by a conscious, positive lifestyle.
Kind regards