Together it works

"I got to know Cristian Moro as an instructor, coach & behavioral trainer in the Olten learning workshop. He has the ability to put himself very deeply into his clients' shoes in order to then open up sustainable solutions to help them shape their own lives. His emphatic, life-affirming and inspiring way of communicating content and new forms of behaviour has also encouraged me to deepen my professional path as an intuitive coach for men and couples with joy and enthusiasm. I am very grateful to Cristian for this. "

 I can especially recommend the Lernwerkstatt Olten for personal and professional further education in the context of adult education. The director Daniel Herzog is a very competent, emphatic, convincing, inspiring doer and decision-maker.  It is a pleasure to learn from him.


I met Antje Stephan for the first time at an Eponaquest seminar "Times of Transition". Many years before I had been thrown from a horse and could not get rid of the trauma and the fear of horses. In the seminar I succeeded in overcoming that fear. I could feel the pleasant connection with horses on the physical, mental and emotional level. In the seminar I also worked on the  major topic: distance and closeness. I started to trust the voice of my heart. I appreciate Antjes work on consciousness issues. She is of importance to me since she considers the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental intelligences in men. She encourages people to realize their life dream accompanied by a conscious, positive lifestyle.