intuitive coaching for men

Werner Streicher assists you to find out hidden and most likely unconscious belief forms or thought forms, that might keep you away from joy and happiness in your life.


Intuitive Coaching replaces these old programs and downloads with healthy new programs and belief forms. You will find out, how to feel healthy and to be happy, so that you create your new reality as a man by yourself.  



Working with me MEN  will get to know:


  • how to get into contact with their inner medicine man
  • how to switch from Old to New Habits to build New Reality
  • recognizing negative, unhealthy or unconscious belief forms
  • finding out ways to integrate the detachment from the mother
  • finding out ways to initiate reconciliation with your father
  • finding out and live powerful new belief forms as a man
  • reflecting one's own transition from being a boy to becoming a man
  • opening up for the great voice of the unconsciousness inside yourself
  • listening to other people, while not judging, grading or evaluating them
  • facing different kinds of fear not identifying yourself with that kinds of fear
  • becoming independent of your expectations in regard to yourself and others
  • enjoying your own power and living your full potential without fear and doubt
  • creating your own  reality and vision empowered through your male qualities