In a short time, I have taken huge steps forward with Werner Streicher. I find the way he picked me up and responded to me remarkable. What also impressed me deeply: Werner Streicher always prepared exactly what I needed on a daily basis. In short: professionally and personally I am enthusiastic about Werner Streicher.


Tom, 44, Head of communication, Bern

I am me and I remain me, only my view of things changes.


How did I meet Werner? Would I recommend him to others? No coincidence and yes, immediately I would recommend Werner to anyone who wants to work on himself and take a closer look. For all who are dissatisfied with their current situation as it is and are sure that it is not up to the others, but to themselves. 


I am very happy that I met Werner. He was recommended to me by a good friend who said: Werner is a fine person and he is the right one for you, for your concerns that you want to change. I am very grateful to this person for recommending Werner to me.


From a distance I had a normal, average life with a divorce, two children, little money, stress at work. Which today hardly attracts attention because it seems normal. After all, I also have more than a handful of good friends, hobbies and a family that met from time to time without just wanting to be at each other's throats. So what more did I want?


But for me it was not a life, more a survival. I didn't feel safe, I didn't feel safe, I always wanted to do the right thing, not to offend anyone. These patterns ran through my whole life, my family, my work and leisure time. I knew that it could not go on like this. So I suppressed my fears, my doubts as best I could and contacted Werner. After getting to know each other, we now meet regularly. 


Although I have to drive 50 minutes each way to go to the sessions, it was very worthwhile for me. These almost two hours before and after the sessions are also a good time to reflect.

My life has changed completely. My fear that I would lose myself and have to change completely has not come true. I am still me.


My view of things and my compulsions, my old patterns, they belong to the past. I am sincere with myself and friendly with myself. I am aware of what I want and what I do not want. And that's why so many things in my life have changed, changed for the better. I have a new outlook in my job, I don't argue with my children anymore and I have found a new love. And I can define myself much better. I never thought that so much could change for the better. Thank you Werner for accompanying me during this time and for opening the way to a balanced life.


Christina 49, mother and lab assistant


I became aware of Werner after he had successfully helped two friends of mine in their lives.


The main issue I worked on with Werner was I myself, my Self, with all my self-doubt and blockages. Those blockages were solved by the support of Werner, helping me to recognize the actual causes that had led to these problems. I have had always difficulty in controlling myself and my emotions before.


Now I was able to implement, what I had learned positively in my life and I was able to control my emotions. I finally feel that I am in control of myself again. I am much more relaxed, and I can maintain this in stressful situations. I have internalized the tips and implement them regularly. 


In the coaching process with Werner I always felt safe and very good. He is a person who supports you in a very positive way. This is not simply talking about problems, but rather about finding the causes and solving them once and for all. I personally felt very comfortable and relieved after each session, which was also noticeable for my environment.


If you really want to find the cause of your “pain”, and if you are really willing to fix it, Werner is the right person for you. Thank you, Werner, so much for everything.


L.B. 28, finances. 

Dear Werner,


I came to you because I had experienced deep traumata after sexual abuse, which led to general fear and the need to control everything. I almost had lost myself! There was no joy anymore, only sadness and hopelessness. - as I have experienced the treatment of you I learned that I could stop blaming other people for my misery, and that I could rely on the creative power of Jesus Christ inside myself.


I noticed that I am loved – and I started to love myself again. You helped me to face my fears, to overcome my fears and to accept me as I am. I was able to send anger and grief into the light, now I was able to forgive. I am now free again, and do not have to be a victim anymore. - I’m now again self-confident and live my freedom.


I do it my way, and not fulfilling other people’s expectations! I stand for my believes, even if my environment sometimes is scared about that. I love me the way I am. - I recommended your work to my friends and colleagues. Working with you, I found the right way to rediscover my joy, to conquer my fears and to feel warmth and stillness in my body and in my heart.


Your sensitive treatment has touched my soul and gives me hope again.


I can truly recommend this treatment because I became  a new woman.


C, 61, public employee





Dear Werner


Thank you so much for your empathy and support in this dramatic phase of my life. You have been there for me just in time. You supported me, where I did not know how to go ahead to manage the future. At that time I did not see the light at the end of this darkness.  


After the first session I asked myself: What will happen next? After the following sessions I knew what had helped me most: Your sensitive and empathic way to point out issues and to make them clear.


Because of your work I was able again, to believe and to develop  trust into myself, to understand the purpose of my life, to take things as they are and to follow my own path in the future.

M IT consultant


Dear Werner

Working with you I felt safe and supported. The meetings contained great openness and a lot respect. All thoughts, all feelings, all needs were allowed to be, without interpretation, manipulation, evaluation and judgement. Werner was not only sensitive but also very empathic.


During the process I was challenged in many regards, I started to develop courage, and clarity to reflect main topics of my life. During the process I developed a totally new form of inner strength and self-confidence, which made me feel safe and powerful.


It is so wonderful that this feeling became part of my being and is still there, even a year after our sessions. A great gift, that I have received.


Werner, all the best to you and your work, thank you that you accompanied me on my way.


Kind regards

A nurse, 60

Feedback from a Couple after the sessions


Dear Werner

Prior to our meeting we were very anxious about what would come up. We noticed that after we had finished the session. After our meeting we felt so much release and ease, and we felt that something important got back into its original position. 


After the session we took a coffee together in a café and it felt so warm and heartful being together and founding our relationship new.  Now we are full of hope, and it really does not matter, in what direction we will move on...


Thank you for your guidance and your being.


Kind regards

L & T, Farmers, 45 years, Zürich

Dear Werner


What was important for me:

Your clear, distinct, supporting, empathic voice and guidance, during the process, with word and action. 

Your being, which opened up space for focussing on things that seemed to be impossible to reach and impossible to talk about. 


To let the experience just be as it is, without, explaining, judging, valuation and interpretation. 

The distinct and safe insight being a woman. 


Full of thankfulness, gratitude and self confidence I am on my way. 


Kind regards


Dear Mr. Streicher


Ich would like to give you my feedback. Whether or not everything is due exclusively to the treatment is hard to tell, but that is the case anyhow in all treatments.....:-)


·        I experienced silence in my life and received basic trust

·        I am very creative and fully in progress 

·        I work hard but it does not stress me anymore 

·        I have no further pain in my joints....…..

·        I have got 2 requests, which are supposed to be very challenging and exciting. 


Now I send you best wishes and kind regards 

Sandra,  Client after the first treatment

 Dear Werner


I know the method for a long time already.  But what I experienced in your treatment was so exciting und wonderful, that I would like to give you my  feedback.  


The treatment was very sustainable,  and I felt the time afterwards so wonderful, so that I hardly cannot find the right words. My pain decreased a lot, so that it is not my focus anymore.


 My quality of life can be best characterized by the feeling of joy and ease.  I am very grateful and I recommend your treatment to all my acquaintances, friends and clients. 


Best regards

Peter, Client and Therapist after the first session



I enjoyed the treatment session very much, and I was very surprised, how fast the really important issues came up. 



Directly after the session I was very quiet and relaxed. A few days later I could hardly define a difference between now and the time before. It was like waiting for my enlightenment. 


Then I observed my behavior very carefully and made reviews of each day.  In my relationship to others I was more clear and distinct in my decisions and at the same time I remained calm, relaxed and serene. 

I know that everything works fine and that things will turn out well, in regard to my personal health, as well as in regard to myself as a human being in my private and professional life. 


A wonderful feeling.


I gladly recommend your service and your treatment to my circle of friends and acquaintances, especially to those who are willing to work on themselves and who are open for the bigger picture. Thank You. 


Rolf, Client after the first session.

Good evening Mr Streicher.


The session with you opened up a window deep inside my Being. For my personal development this happened just in time and was exactly what I needed.


What I experienced since the thetaHealing session cannot be expressed with words. Instead it can  be deeply felt. Therefore I would like to register for the next Seminar.


kind regards

Jolanda, client after the first session.